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1. Interview

You will learn the main business failures due to financial errors and help the founder of the company find a solution in a real situation.

2. Why will green technologies win?

Company History Brief, Manifesto, and B.A.B.G. (Big Ambitious Business Goal).

3. How business and the financial system grows

Your first task from the founder is to determine at what stage of business development the company is and what its financial system should be.

4. Forms of reporting and main reports of the company

You already know what a company does and how it makes money. The most important request from the founder is to be able to control all financial indicators. It's time to start implementing P&L, Cashflow, and Balance. But first, you have to figure out how they differ and which report is better to start with.

5. Income and expenses

To create reports, you need to understand how much the company spends every month and systematize the data. You have to analyze all statements from the accounts and client-banks of the company, and learn how to allocate operations for income and expenses.

6. Cash flow report (Cashflow)

You understand how much the company spends and on what. It's time to implement Cashflow. The founder already wants to see the first results of the company's work.

7. Payment schedule

The company has experienced a cash gap in the past. To prevent this from happening again, you must implement a payment calendar.

8. Profit and Loss Statement (P&L)

The founder found a decent amount in the accounts and wants to get money from the company. You have to figure out how to calculate the profit of the company correctly and how to manage it. Write your own P&L report and give advice to the founder of the company.

9. Capacity building

The company does not stand still. The founder set the task of calculating how much free funds can be reinvested in a new production line.

10. Credit

The funds of the company are not enough to install a new line. The company takes out a loan, and you need to calculate all the obligations and risks.

11. Balance

The founder wants to understand clearly how the company is growing, whether it is profitable or not, and most importantly if it lives on its own or on credit. You have to answer all these questions and set up the balance report.

12. Cost and pricing

You put in a new line and increased production volumes. Sales have also increased, but they do not affect profits much. Now you need to figure out how much the product costs and how much you really need to sell it for. You need to calculate the break-even point.

13. Calculating business model

Previously, the company was engaged only in the production and sale of energy products. Due to product maintenance complaints, the founder wants to open his own service line. You need to calculate how successful this idea is, what investments will be required, and what the final cost for customers will be.

14. Liquidity and profitability

Liquidity and profitability are the main indicators of the company's financial condition. The founder decided to focus on the core business of the company and develop it. You have to calculate the liquidity and profitability of the main activity of the company.

15. Managerial Dashboard

In a technology company, finances also need to be managed with the help of technology and services. You need to create an individual dashboard for company management. But first, you need to find out what financial indicators need to be monitored and how often.

16. Financial planning

Due to rapid growth and ambitious goals for the coming year, the old plan is no longer relevant. You need to do a new one. Prepare a forecast of expenses and income as well as draw up a financial plan.

17. How much does a business cost?

The company took part in the large industry exhibition Large Scale Solar Europe. A couple of private investors became interested in the production technology. You need to estimate the value of the company to sell shares to a potential investor.

18. Plant building. Cooperation with a large European bank

A favorable loan from a European bank and good demand for products pushed the founder to the idea of ​​developing a B2B direction: industrial power systems. This implies a significant increase in production volumes, as well as entering the EU market, and then MENA. To take into account all the risks, you need to calculate the financial model and the payback period of the new plant.

19. Business financing

To launch a completely new production, additional funding is required. You need to understand the various options for financing a business and choose the best one.

20. Attracting a strategic investor

To attract an investor, you will have to find answers to a number of questions: How to calculate what share to sell to an investor? How do you know when to pay dividends and how much to reinvest back into the business?

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Anna, financier

“Configuring all reports is a brilliant solution. You do everything yourself. I really liked the course in the form of a simulator. The material was presented in an interesting and understandable way. It feels very different from the usual course in the recording.”

Mike, Product manager

“While I was going through the tasks, I realized that some of the situations have already passed with my product, and some are still ahead. The approach to questions makes you think and look for solutions, and not just guess. And you immediately understand how it can be used in your project. I liked it very much.”

Irina, Accountant

“The passage of the simulator reminded me of onboarding in a real company, very cool! The theory-testing format allows you to quickly structure knowledge and highlight important points for yourself. Moreover, you do it in the format of applied, realistic tasks.”

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